Description Join us in celebration of the beautiful autumn season in Western Massachusetts as we ride through our hills and valleys. The ride is done in a clover style, which means that there are 4 loops, 25 miles each, of varying difficulty, each ending back at the home base next to the Sunderland Fall Festival.  Over the years, riders have loved this format, as it allows for flexibility in riding style and "ride chat" at the home base (i.e. watch for the phone company at the bottom of...)  The Festival features live musicians and food from around the Valley.  There is plenty to do for the whole family!  

Registration in advance (by Oct. 2nd) is only $25 and includes a free designed t shirt for the first 50 riders. Registration the day of the event is $30. As an added bonus we've included a ticket to be redeemed for a rewarding burger and beer at the festival following your ride (beer for the 21+ crowd). Net proceeds will go towards building a student scholarship fund.

The ride is made up of four 25 mile loops all leaving “downtown” Sunderland, each heading in a different direction and of varying difficulty.   The flexibility of the “clover” style is that you return to the same station every 25 miles.  Get rid of the jacket you no longer need.  Notch up the 75 to 100 if you feel energetic.  SAG is being graciously offered by Flye Cycles.