Most common mistake—too much text!!! Remember you have only a fraction of a second before the viewer either hits the back button or flips the page. Too many words repel the viewer!

Typos: Proofread your text several times. Have others read it also. One overlooked typo can ruin your project!

Too cluttered: Less is more. Really.

Ineffective images: A photo or piece of artwork should enhance your page. If it is not an asset, do not use it. Just say no to blurry, improperly exposed, mediocre photos and tacky clip art—these actually detract from your message! It is also important to use the proper image resolution and format. Images for print must be 300 ppi. Free images from the web are rarely usable in print, furthermore, it is illegal to use an image without permission. For more information about image resolution and formats click here.

Too much movement and sound on web pages: While movement and sound can certainly grab someone’s attention, it can also be abrasive. Use it subtly if at all.

Awkward navigation: If a user has to click more than three times to find what they want, they move on. Hard to find information buried deep within a site is frustrating. Find out what people want to know, and make sure they can find it. Limit navigational tabs to no more than 7. If you have too many categories, arrange them into subcategories.

Be careful with humor: It is good to be lighthearted or clever, but humor can be taken the wrong way, so be careful!

Cake decorating approach to design: Some people use photos, icons or clip art to gussie up a page in much the same way a baker might decorate a cake. Amateurs use "decorative" fonts, bright colors, excessive borders etc. You should not use a baker, administrative assistant or lawyer, to design your important promotional material. Hire a pro whose work you like, it will be well worth the investment! For that matter hire Agenda Graphics! Call Karen Rolnick at 917-971-9679, or email , to discuss your design needs.