Do not use drop shadow on text, it is harder to read (and tacky).

Avoid putting text over an image, unless the image is subtle (like here) or the text is very large, bold and short.

Break up copy into easily digestible blocks of text.

Limit your fonts to three per page! Just because you have a hundred fonts available doesn’t mean you should use them all.

Do not crowd text. Use comfortable margins. Dense text is tiring to read.

Longer lines require more leading (space between the lines).

Avoid underlined text, it looks like an email link (and it is tacky).

All caps is harder to read, use it sparingly (in heads or subheads). Do not use capital letters for emphasis within a paragraph, instead use bold text.

Avoid “decorative” fonts. These are often hard to read and are generally a distraction from your design. There are many classic, beautiful, simple fonts. When in doubt, stick to the tried and true. After all, if your design has to rely on “creative” fonts for visual interest, then you do not have a strongly designed page!

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